Accel Step
Technique Info
Kanji アクセル・ステップ
Romaji Akuseru suteppu
Classification Energy Bending - Alteration
Element None
Rank D-Rank
Range Mid-Range
Race None
House None
Group None

Accel Step is an Energy Bending Alteration technique used in Endless Utopia Online.


Accel Step is a complementary technique in EUO that boosts the user's speed, allowing them to move faster than a regular player could, making the user hard to track. It focuses Aera on the abdomen, hips, and legs, and when it's released, allows for a temporal acceleration of one's steps.

Since speed is the main factor in this technique, the user's skill is determined by how fast he can move from point A to point B. Players learning this technique are able to run 80 meters in 10 seconds (Faster than a real-life athlete). Masters are able to confuse their opponents enough to seem that they are in several places at once, move faster than the eye can perceive and even leave afterimages once they move away (these afterimages do nothing but phase through everything they touch). In combat, Accel Step is generally used to quickly approach and retreat. It can also be confusing for a large and slow opponent.

A more advanced form of this technique is called Illusion Accel, which uses Illusion to create fake and distinguishable copies of the user, therefore confusing the opponent. However, due to the combination of opposed Aera Types, a user of Illusion Accel is rather rare.

It should be noted that this skill only enhances the user's speed, and it does not have an effect on leg strength or reflexes.

With physical training, it is possible to move at speeds matching a seasoned Accel Step user, like Gabriel Bernhard can.


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