A Reach Beyond is the heavily upgraded Trespasser belonging to Vincent Kennedy.

A Reach Beyond
Item Info
Kanji 手が届きません
Romaji Te ga todokimasen
VRMMORPG End War Online
Item Type Firearm
Sub-type Sniper rifle


A Reach Beyond is the result of Vincent modifying Trespasser with a secondary firing mode. In this mode, the electromagnetic rails of the weapon extend and heat dampeners on the body are deployed, in a form dubbed Siege Mode. The electromagnetic coils on the gun are supercharged to provide extremely high energy output, accelerating the projectiles past mach 10 speeds, enough to punch a hole clean through heavy armor. The silent nature of the weapon is lost upon activation of its secondary mode, producing a clear, pronounced low to high pitched hum followed by an electric explosion when the weapon is fired, while also producing a visible bright blue electric discharge from the rails. Further, heat generated from the weapon in this firing mode require external heat dampeners in the form of radiator fins, which diffuse heat every time the weapon is fired, adding to Vincent's IR signature. The range of this system is theoretically only limited by the curvature of the planet.

The scope system has been designed and built from the ground up by Vincent himself. It incorporates a sophisticated target tracking and marking system, displaying a HUD while looking through the sights, displaying relevant information, such as wind speed, target distance, and estimated drop-off, and at longer distances it also calculates planet rotation based on position and heading. This allows Vincent to effortlessly eliminate targets in quick succession and from long distances. When Siege Mode is activated, the scope's view expands to allow for a wider field of view, with target scanning activated within a 45 degree angle of the weapon, marking targets ahead. The previous values are unnecessary at this point, as any target in sights are hit the instant the trigger is pulled, only requiring the target to be centered in the scope.

A Reach Beyond achieves even greater performance than the already impressive Trespasser that preceded it, and in its Siege Mode gives Vincent an unrealistic ability to deal death from any range.


  • Length: 1.4 m; Siege Mode: 2.6 m
  • Barrel Length: 85 cm; Siege Mode: 1.5 m
  • Weight: 12 kg approximate
  • Action: Semi-automatic
  • Cartridge: Caseless 22mm round
  • Effective Range: 3500 m approximate; Siege Mode: N/A
  • Muzzle Velocity: 1500 m/s; 10,000 m/s
  • Feed System: 6 round detachable box magazine