A Father's Woe
Blackbark wood
Quest Info
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Location Blackbark Wood (25th Floor)
Objective Slay the Whittleback
Boss Whittleback Alpha
Reward 1000 Cor

Random loot

Alrynian War Hound (possible)

Status Completed

«A Father's Woe» is a short hunting quest available in Sword Art Online. Attempts are limited to one per player. It is currently the only quest known to offer a tamed beast as a potential reward.

This quest appears in the fan fiction Misfortune Made Her Sword.


A merchant in the town of Wilderock has recently fallen on hard times. His daughter has taken ill and his son has been lost to the Blackbark Wood in a search for the Whittleback, whose liver is needed to make her medicine. Speak to him in his home to finish the son's search, that he might save one of his children.


Far to the west of Wilderock, on the other side of the Kurupa Hills is the Blackbark Wood, a vast, knotted tangle of a forest inhabited by all manner of beast, many of them venomous. Somewhere within its confines is the Whittleback.


The merchant Talbot has asked you to kill the Whittleback residing in Blackbark Wood and bring him its liver to be made into medicine for his daughter Seranna.

Optional: Discover what has become of the merchant's son.



Misfortune Made Her Sword


Known Attempts

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