This Skill Set, "Affinity: Healing" Skills, is property of Whizad.

"Affinity: Healing" Skills
Skill Info
Kanji アフィニッティー・ヒーリング
Romaji Ahuxinittexii Hiiringu
Category Healing
User(s) Yzjdriel


This special class of skills is unlocked when a player removes a total of 10000 HP in damage from allied players within the course of five days. They are notified of this unlock by a message from the system.

The skill class itself does not need to be trained, but in order to use any of the skills unlocked by achieving the class, a player must have 750+ Battle Healing, 500+ First Aid, and 250+ Meditation.

There are three nonunique Sword Skills contained in this class:

  • Healing Blade
  • Life Shift
  • Vitality Shield

There is also a unique Sword Skill in this class:


While the class is not unique, the only player known to use skills unlocked by it before New ALfheim was launched was Yzjdriel.


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